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Vietnam Vet PTSD/Pain and Stiffness

"My name is John P. I am writing to thank you for the many years you have invested in discovering an alternative method to the "traditional" AMA doctors' practice for developing and maintaining good health. I also wish to thank Luella Reed-Early of New Ipswich, New Hampshire. Without her personal intervention, I could not be writing to you today to report my good news.

GOOD NEWS: I was given NoPain/NoItch formula along with the AltWaters™ System on September 15, 2006. Within 20 minutes of first taking the NoPain/NoItch , my pain level dropped significantly. The following day, I was able to lift my foot up to where I was able to wash the bottom of my foot, something I had not been able to do in many years due to pain and stiffness. The quality of my life has increased dramatically, both physically and psychologically, due to the deep reduction of pain. Simple, enjoyable tasks, like walking more than 1/4 mile were impossible to do without me suffering unbearable pain. Today, that same walk is possible, and enjoyable.

I am 59 years of age and a disabled combat veteran, who served in the Vietnam War from March 1967 to July 1968. During the Vietnam War, I sustained a number of injuries. The injuries were sustained from rocket and mortar attacks, which caused concussions, internal injuries from profound full-body trauma, as well as shrapnel injuries throughout various parts of my body. My most severe injury occurred on March 17, 1968. At that time, a RPG round struck the river boat I was in, causing major trauma to my right leg, back and left shoulder.

Moreover, while serving in Vietnam, my living conditions were not the customary, on-base living conditions experienced by the majority of military serving in this war. With my comrades, I lived in a ”hooch," which is strong-back tent, when we were lucky enough to do so. While on long-range patrols, I lived out in the bush, catching short naps on the damp ground. I was continually wet from tramping through swamps, rice paddies, or monsoon season rains. As a result of these conditions, I know my body, today, to be wracked with severe arthritis.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a disorder that has plagued me since serving in Vietnam. This disorder is a covert enemy, one that's there, but not always recognized as one that is real, destructive and debilitation to so many, veterans, particularly the combat veterans. The enemy, (PTSD), followed me home, engaged me in combat throughout the years. In 1990 I finally sought psychological help for my problems. In 1992 I was awarded 70% disability for (PTSD), retroactive to 1990, on the first submission of my records to the Board of Veterans Appeal.

I have experienced countless surgeries, beginning with my right knee surgery in 1973, where I nearly lost my leg due to a massive infection. I spent a month in the VA Hospital recovering from that event. In the years between 1973 and 2002, three arthroscopic surgeries followed to my right knee, and three major surgeries to replace and repair the damaged knee. Again, I nearly lost my leg and life due to a MRSA infection. I spent over a month in my local, private hospital and another two months at home undergoing an artery pic-drip antibiotic treatment in the hopes of recovering from the MRSA infection. I have since learned the two-month antibiotic treatment is the likely cause of my collapsing artery, which nearly cost me my life. To remedy that problem, I debated with my doctors against open-heart surgery and had a stent placed in my artery, instead.

Left knee: eventually required four arthroscopic and one major surgery before total knee replacement was done. Medical report: "Right leg pain with pain in the hip, knee, and the foot: degenerative joint disease and additionally has right radiculopathy symptoms."

Left shoulder: damage resulted in surgery to repair the rotator cuff in 1999.

Nerves: damage to my right arm resulted in surgery, which left the muscles in my hand severely weakened.

Both hips: are severely arthritic, resulting in severe pain, sitting, standing, walking, sleeping

Back: Medical report: "strain, lumbosacral spine, with widespread internal disc degeneration; Prosterior disc bulge with vertebral body end plate osteophytes at L4-5," which leaves me in tremendous pain, beyond a level 10 of unbearable: sitting, standing, walking, sleeping

Right foot: "trichophytosis pedis," resulting in lesions that spread open to 1/2 inch, bleed and cause tremendous pain to where I am unable to walk for periods of time without pain.

Hypertension -
The above is a list of most of my injuries. The following is a list of my prescribed pain medications I was taking to reduce pain before being introduced to AltWaters™ products, and after:

·meloxicam 15 milligrams X 2 per day removed from this medication
·oxycodone 20 milligrams X 3 per day reduced to 10 mil. X 3 per day
·oxycodone 05 milligrams X 2 per day remains same

It is my hope and expectation that I will someday be free of all my pain medications. If the positive effects from taking AltWaters™ products for only 9 days are any indication of what I can expect for myself in the future, my hope will likely be a promise.
Most Sincerely,"

- John P. Warrensburg, N.Y.

Gulf War Veteran

"I am 39 years old and a Gulf War Veteran. I was in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in the Gulf from August of 1990 to April of 1991. At the time I was in good health and physical condition. I had no symptoms upon returning to the States. Only after about four years I started running out of energy and experiencing hair loss. As the years went by my symptoms developed into chronic fatigue, brain fog, head aches, sensitive to cold, bad dreams and occasional negative thoughts. I was never treated for any symptoms or on medications.

I was looking into alternative medicine when I met Carol and was introduced to her energy medicine. In February of 2005 I started on the AltWaters™ System and am currently on the Preventive Maintenance formulas. I have been on the formulas for over seven years now. My mental and physical symptoms have been cleared up leaving me with an abundance of energy and a calm mind. The AltWaters™ Systems have dramatically changed my life forever. My hope is that any veteran listening to my testimonial regardless of symptoms or conditions will give this program a chance to work for them. Thank you."

- Jon Q., Etna, CA


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