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Tick Season Again

Tick season is much like seasonal flu—you never have a real feeling of where it starts and when it ends. Anyway our small dogs here in Arizona were never bothered with what one woman labeled “devil bugs” (fleas, roaches, mosquitoes and TICKS)—here only to be devil people and pets.

Then about six years ago we went through an “infestation”. Now we understand the label. Despite the fact that we were all-natural and, of course, our pets are too, we did the unthinkable—the pest control team sprayed the least harmful pesticides (now that’s an oxymoron) we could find.

Regular tick dips (how terrible was that) and the poison that gets placed behind the dogs necks were part of the routine as well as tick searches. We felt so sad for the grief our beautiful dogs were going through.

We even tried dumping Borax on the carpets during the week to be vacuumed up on the weekend. And ever since, no ticks. I guess you might say we won the war. NOT SO! This fall we found one devil bug clinging for dear life on the new male schnauzer. Quickly checking the older female we were shocked to find multiple bites.

This time we didn’t give in to desperation. We devised a green plan and it worked. Best of all it only took two weeks:

  1. Bathed dogs using an all-natural glycerin shampoo with a peppermint base which repels insects. By the way this is a people product found in the natural section of supermarkets.
  2. Started them on an energy medicine formula by mouth that sets up a frequency in the animals’ body that bugs don’t like.
  3. Brushed the dogs daily—a good idea anyway.
  4. Washed bedding weekly in hot water with Borax, white vinegar and a small amount of Bronners peppermint shampoo.

The war was a mere battle this time around with the perks of faster, easier and for sure lots less expensive. Looking back on how this was accomplished, it was obviously all about resonant frequencies--vibrations.

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