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Altwaters Technology

Scientific Validation

Scientific validation of the AltWaters™ formulas can be found at The Center for Bioenergetic Research and Education( Validation, by Dr. Rustum Roy PhD was done in 2008-2009 at Pennsylvania State University.  In his final report Dr. Roy stated, “These are amazing formulas with spectacular results”.  AltWaters™ Technology is honored to have such a renowned water scientist offer his services and resources to us pro-bono.


Rustum Roy cannot be described by any professional label.  He has interwoven throughout his 60 year career both world-class science and active participation in reforming theology and the practice of religion.  He is at once a distinguished research scientist and a social activist, a societal reformer and a champion of whole person healing (or CAM). He formally held professorships at Penn State, Arizona State and the University of Arizona covering those fields.

His work has been recognized by his election to five separate National Academies of Engineering/Science: of the U.S., Sweden, India, Japan, and Russia. He has had the Order of the Rising Sun with Gold Rays conferred on him by the Emperor of Japan. 

One of the key founders of the first major interdisciplinary field in the Western world’s academia, Materials Research, he led Penn State’s Materials Research Lab, which he directed for 23 years, to its recognition in 2003 by ISI as the world’s #1 lab in the field. He played the same role for the field of Science, Technology & Society, specializing in Science Policy, Science Education, and Science and Religion. He had been involved, usually as the only scientist, with the cutting edge reform of the Church, serving on key committees of the National Council of Churches while an active participant in shaping the retreat and the house church movements. He gave the prestigious Hibbert Lectures in London and served on the Pope’s Nova Spes committee on Science and Religion, a field on which he has written and lectured for 50 years.

Chemical Engineering News, one of the world’s most widely circulated scientific society journals has said of him, “It is extremely unlikely that the scientific world will soon again see a person functioning on the broadband scale of a Leo Szilard.  Today’s closest approximation to Szilard may be materials scientist Rustum Roy of Pennsylvania State University.  The two share the kind of human energy, moral vision, and futuristic leaps that most scientists do not seem keen to summon, and thus dismiss.” Newsweek called him the “leading contrarian among scientists.” 
A short summary of the results of Dr. Roy’s work with four AltWaters™ subtle energy formula samples on a very preliminary scale is presented below.  Further studies must be carried out.


By Rustum Roy, Ph.D

The scientific world has now started to accept the key concepts that liquid water near room temperature (NOT VAPOR, or quenched glassy solids or under pressure etc.)

2.  The composition, H2O tells you only the least significant part of the important properties.  The structure is highly inhomogeneous at the nanometer level.
3.  This is an absolutely demanded consequence of the dominance of the (inequality) unequalness of the Bonds in water.
4.  The hydrogen bond, much referenced in every description of water’s structure is merely the starting point.  
The relevant Science of liquid and solid materials (condensed matter) is concerned with the units or building blocks present, and how such building blocks are arranged in space, without that any statements about “structure “are primitive, incorrect, and highly misleading claims.
5.  The community (see Martin Chaplin website) is fully agreed on the probable existence of all sorts of oligomers, or clusters made up of any number from 2 to over 250 H2O molecules. These are okay, but are irrelevant to the structure of water in your drinking water, because they do not tell you what percentage of each and then how they are stacked, and of course what happens as they move around due to temperature and Brownian motion etc. 


1.  In our first long paper by Roy Bell, Hoover and Tiller we showed the science that for 30 years showed that “anisodesmic" liquids including water, MUST, MUST, have different structures which are changeable one into another under certain changed environments of pressure and temperature.
Electric and magnetic fields, and hence also any other vector/tensor variables, of which human intention, could be one. (Tiller had gotten some preliminary data on both magnetic fields and human intention. 
Our data with simple standard chemical-lab techniques are easily understood and very robust, and unquestionable and have been repeated a few hundred times. The latest ones are the most surprising.
3. The absolute, incontestable argument, that you do not need compositional change to change the properties of water destroyed the utterly primitive science, wholly childish high school stuff, which had been used against homeopathy for 200 years.
4. It has also made credible (no more) the many, many claims about structured waters made by various E & M and gravitational fields, and of course human intention as the least acceptable new variable.

Hence WE HAVE MADE IT PLAUSIBLE – no more yet – THAT: Waters of different structures can be made relatively easily and they can survive at room temperature and pressure for at least hours and be measured etc. and used for various purposes, from the setting of cement to curing health conditions. 


Four water-based subtle frequency formulas were tested in a two-year study by Rustum Roy, Ph.D, Materials Scientist, Pennsylvania State University.

An interview with Dr. Roy was conducted thereafter to give a simplified understanding of the AltWaters™ study for the man on the street.  The interview that follows was given to Carol Keppler, Chief Executive Officer of AltWaters™ Technology and the developer/manufacturer of these formulas.

Dr. Rustum Roy talks about the many types of “energy medicine” and why the AltWaters™ water-based formulas are different.

Full interview with Rustum Roy, Carol Keppler as your host  (sound quality is low)

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