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Pet Testimonials

The AltWaters Formulas have been credited with helping many pets recover from health conditions that have defied both conventional medical treatment and non-traditional modalities.

The frequencies of thousands of herbs and other "naturals" have been programmed into the micro-crystalline water the formulas, developed for animals. This is a big improvement in the way illness is treated now, more often than not, without harmful drugs and surgery.

Featured Story: Baxter


My dog Baxter, a Chihuahua mix, was injured on a Thursday, when a small, wooden picture frame fell from the wall and landed on his right front paw severely cutting two of his toes almost completely off with deep gashes on his paw into and through the pad. Immediately I rushed him to the Vet I had taken him to before. There was so much blood and his toes, I felt, might fall off.

This Vet took him and said he was going to just feel my dog Baxter’s paw, to see if there was a fracture, nothing else. And then I heard my dog yelping and almost screaming. The Vet brought him back and had stapled his toes back together, 3 staples with no local anesthetic and without my consent! I would never have chosen to put my animal through that amount of pain in that fashion.

The Vet said for me to just keep changing his wrapping every day so I asked if I should put anything on it to prevent an infection or to help it heal, but he said ‘no’. After a very hard week of trying to change the wrapping, which always got stuck in the wound and would start bleeding more and more, I decided I needed a second opinion.

I took him to a Vet closer to my house who looked at his paw and said it needed surgery the next day to put his paw and toes back together, but it ended up scheduled for the next Monday. The receptionist at that Vet’s office seemed to lack any empathy for this terrible situation.

When I took him back on Monday, Baxter had a horrible infection throughout his toes, the pad, and beginning to spread up his leg. I was told it was a reaction to the staples being a foreign object. I believe also because they delayed the surgery as well.

Below continues from Newsletter...

The Vet said he had to cut out a whole lot of flesh and tissue which had rotted away, and then put a medicated cast on my dog. He said to bring him back in a week for a recheck. Within that next week, the infection got worse, continuing to spread again even though we had him on heavy antibiotics. So I took him in a few times for intravenous antibiotics, and still we couldn’t get the infection under control.

After speaking to my co-worker and friend, Sally, about my dog’s situation, telling her the Vet said his tissues would never grow back and that they were talking about amputation of his paw and possibly his leg. Sally asked if I would be open to a different approach for Baxter. At that point, I felt like the two Vets could do nothing to help my dog, but only hurt him. Sally told me about AltWaters™ WellPet and about the results that she had seen with other animals. Because I was more frightened of them taking my pet’s leg off, I said I would love to try the AltWaters™ WellPet.

I purchased a bottle and administered as directed. After only two or three days, Baxter became the dog I knew before this injury. Rather than having a fever, in horrible pain, and being lethargic, he was moving around wanting to play! After giving him WellPet for seven days, at his next appointment, when the Vet unwrapped his cast, his face looked like a deer in the headlights. Not only was there no more infection, but all of his skin tissue and pad had grown back. It didn’t look like anything had ever happened!

After bringing Baxter home cast-free, I still gave him ongoing doses of WellPet. And now it’s like night and day, black and white. He is 6-years-old and had lost some zest-for-life over the years, and now he acts like a puppy again. So much energy and happiness and running around playing with his toys.

I only wish I had documented on camera, the entire ordeal from before the accident, through the injury and infection, and then the affect WellPet had on him almost immediately. And the dog he is today as a result. WellPet not only saved Baxter from a tragically unnecessary amputation, but also from what the Vets thought would kill him, because it was gangrene and wouldn’t stop spreading until I started administration of the WellPet drops. Like any pet owner, Baxter is family to me. Since I don’t have any children, he is the closest thing I have to one.

I would highly, highly recommend WellPet to any animal owner no matter if your animal is sick or injured like Baxter, or just as a part of their regular diet. I am keeping Baxter on WellPet for the rest of his life because it worked miracles for him, bringing him back a whole, new, energetic, vibrant dog.

I should also mention he had some dental problems and his breath smelled horrible, but since giving him this formula, his breath no longer smells and his gums look much better. Baxter now is fully healed and you can’t even tell his paw or toes were as horribly injured or that tissue had died. It looks no different than any other paw of his, and he doesn’t use it differently. Not a single limp!

Thank you, WellPet, for saving an important member of my family!!

Sincerely, Julie M, Scottsdale AZ

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Ferret – old/sick

Let me tell you about my ancient ferret who is on WellPet. She is 7 years old going strong, almost 8 and she is in such good shape it’s unbelievable. Never has been sick since she’s been on the formula. I think she would have died when she was about 6, when I started her on the WellPet she got skinny, listless and just didn’t feel well. Now she is in top shape. The formulas work!

Leslie W., Phoenix, AZ



Listo is a neutered 4-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

He had to only use the WellPet formula which was for prevention and maintenance.  In the first few days he expelled a few worms and toxins out of his system.  After that he has been in super wellness and his behavior has changed 180 degrees. Listo is so well behaved; he listens to me about 98% of the time (which is great for a JRT … they’re very independent).  He also has become a lover and wants a lot of attention and affection.

I keep my dogs on a maintenance plan so they can keep their excellent wellness.

Phoenix, AZ



My cat was attacked my a varmit called a Fisher Cat (mink family), vicious, eats porcupines, but cats are easier prey. Serendipity my 8-year old Siamese cat loves being outside in our woods. One day last October I heard her scream. She didn't come back for several hours. When she did, I noticed two puncture wounds 1/4" in diameter on her back and she was shaking. 

I gave her Emergency, MicroEnhancer and RegenerationDaily. She stopped eating and walking for several days and fur fell out, revealing five more bleeding puncture wounds. I continued daily with the water drops for two weeks and did nothing else medicinally.

She lost a lot of weight and her muzzle turned gray, but gradually she became her spunky self. The wounds healed with no trace and full color has returned to her face.

Luella R., NH



Bone Cancer

My dog Buck was diagnosed with Osteo Sarcoma on 3/19/2008.  It is an extremely deadly blood-borne form of bone cancer.  We were faced with immediate amputation of his rear left leg and a guarded, but optimistic outlook following the surgery.  At this point the cancer had not  begun to move to his lungs.  Buck nearly died the night of the amputation due to complications with the surgery, but he fought back and began on the road to recovery.

After another 4 weeks Buck was given another set of x-rays and the Vet found that the cancer had in fact begun to spread to his lungs.  He was given only 2 months to live.  At this point the vet changed his chemo regimen to an oral dose of cytoxin every other day and hoped to slow down the disease.

At this point I contacted several of my good friends who work in animal rescue and asked them for any help that they could give.   I began giving Buck WellPet and the RegenerationDaily waters and I could see the change happening before my eyes.  His energy level increased as well as his appetite and zest for life.  In addition to the waters I also changed his diet to an all organic one.

I took Buck to the Vet today and was blown away with how well he is doing.  He is now entering his third month post diagnosis and is still going strong.  We owe a lot to our heroically dedicated Veterinary staff, but I am convinced that the waters are the foundation of his battle with the disease.

Jonathan Chapin, CA


Cancer in the Ear (Diagnosed)

My first experience with your organization came about when my sister contacted you for help for my mother, who has been taking drops in her water over the last year for a variety of age-related health problems.  Our 13-year-old cat, Rosie, had growths in her ears that had been diagnosed as malignant, she contacted you, and it was recommended that Rosie take several droppers full of RegenerationDaily twice daily for a week, and then take several droppers full of WellPet daily for the following week.  Rosie was being seen by a pet oncologist and for the past few months had been taking a steroidal ointment in her ears and an anti-inflammatory pill every two days.  While she had been fairly stable while on these medications, the black spots in her ears were gradually growing larger, and the oncologist was raising the possibility of getting laser surgery for the biggest ones. At the most recent appointment, we were told to take a break from the ointment, but were still continuing with the pills.

I gave her the RegenerationDaily drops in spring water daily for a little over a week.  Almost immediately, my husband and I noticed a change in that she seemed happier, and it felt very good to hold her.  We then started the WellPet, also in spring water, and after about a week on the WellPet we were amazed to see that the black spots which had previously been clearly visible had almost entirely disappeared!  When she was brought for her annual check-up at the vet who had seen her throughout her life, she exclaimed that she had not seen Rosie looking this well in years!  Not only were the spots no longer visible, but her ears and fur looked healthy, and she seemed generally happier.

While I tend to be skeptical regarding treatments that I don't understand and which are outside of traditional medicine, the enormous improvement we've seen in Rosie certainly occurred exactly in conjunction with the RegenerationDaily and the WellPet.  Thank you so very much for your help.

Sincerely, Kathy S., CA


Cancer in the Eye (Diagnosed)

My cat “Monet” was diagnosed early in 2004 with cancerous growths spreading over (above) one eye.  She is white, and these albino animals, the vet said, can develop this affliction in areas where the skin is not heavily covered with fur--by the eyes, ears, & nose.  Monet underwent surgery; the growth was cut out & diagnosed as malignant in the lab.  It grew back a few months later; another surgery.  Again--the growth returned.  I decided to use MicroEnhancer at Carol’s suggestion.  After 3-4 months, the growth is entirely gone over her eye.  I put droppers directly into her mouth daily for several days, as directed.  I put also a drop or 2 on her nose, and into her eye(s) directly, where the lids were inflamed, and also on the afflicted area--only a little inflammation (pink) inside one lid, remains! This is a “miracle”.  My vet, Dr. Koski, said the 3rd surgery would involve removing the cat’s eye!

Mia Tschampel, Tucson, AZ 





Just a quick update on two of our dogs that have had amazing recovery with your products!

First is “Donny”- a senior cocker with Cushing disease.  He was extremely sick and the traditional vet medication almost killed him.  He crashed several times and was very weak.  That when I contacted you and you gave me directions for how to treat him.  We stopped the medication and started him on your formulas.  Now, a few months later he is healthy happy full of life and energy- he looks like a totally different dog- thank you it is truly a miracle.  His new mom is writing his story “before and after” pictures I will send you.

My dog Oscar who is an old Cocker Spaniel (10+) was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease in late October.  I had written Carol regarding my concerns and she had mentioned to begin treating him with the RegenerationDaily.  I also treated him with Complete and the MicroEnhancer

Oscar received his blood work on Monday. He is 99% healed.  He still has some of the sore issues on his skin and trouble with his thyroid, but his panting and sleepless nights have ended. His weight is also under control (provided my husband stops feeding him treats). He is happy and not as listless. The enlarged liver has gone away. 

I wanted to share this wonderful news with you because the doctors gave him a death sentence and wanted to do chemotherapy on this poor old dog. The vets are "puzzled" as to Oscar's recovery, but I am not. 

Thank you for your warmth and support during a difficult time.

Sincerely, Leslie N.



I spent hundreds of dollars on Yogi’s (Siamese mix cat) ears through regular vets.  I do Jhin shin jyutsu, and it was the only thing that helped Yogi.  I could never get him to take vitamins.  He would taste it and not eat it.  So the WellPet drops are fantastic.  He can’t detect it, he can’t taste it.  Carol did a scan and we did the RegenerationDaily and WellPet and Jhin Shin and in 1 week his ears were clearing up and he was losing weight.  He had been overweight and he was just feeling good and acting like a kitten.  He’s about 10 years old.  I love the drops!

Jenine L, Phoenix, AZ



It was truly a miracle!  My 14-year-old brown and white tabby, Aziz, had a sore right elbow for two years.  This expert mouser had ceased hunting entirely and constantly held his paw up when sitting down.  I had taken Aziz to two different vets and, after X-rays and blood tests; neither could diagnose the problem or heal the injury. I finally called Carol Keppler who said it was an anaerobic bacterial infection. She suggested WellPet™.  In less than two months Aziz was his frisky old self and now never holds the paw up when sitting.  He just turned 17 and is going strong.

Beverly Farr, FL



I wanted to share with you the status of the kitten I rescued from the shelter in October. 

Wolverine tested positive for leukemia in November. I took her to my own vet to confirm the diagnosis, just in case a mistake had been made.  The vet ran the ELISA test which came back positive. The IFA test was negative. This meant that the virus had not yet gotten into her bone marrow. 

We began giving RegenerationDailyWellPet and vitamin C.  I also began looking for another fosterer who could give her more freedom (I couldn't let her loose in my house for fear of leukemia exposure to my other cats).  Doreen took her for a couple of weeks until she had to go out of town.  I had received several calls from a woman who begged me to allow her to foster the kitten.  She took the kitten but complained immediately that the kitten seemed wild.  After three weeks, I took the kitten back from her.  She said Wolverine was extremely wild and continually growled.

I took the kitten back to the vet and was delighted that the leuk test was now negative! However, she behaved more wild than any feral cat I've ever seen.  You could not touch her.  She growled continuously, even when eating.  I took her back to the vet and he said "There is nothing you can do. This is permanently imprinted and you will never be able to handle her. I have seen this many times before and the outcome is never good."

I was devastated and started thinking about what to do with an unadoptable kitten. I decided not to give up. We began a 5 day treatment of InTheZone drops. In less than 48 hours, she began to change. Now she is a delightful, playful kitten. When you come into the room, she runs up to you, sits in your lap and PURRRRRS. My daughter named her LUCKY because the name Wolverine no longer suited her. Miracles do happen!

Ann Marie, CATS-at-the-Studio, Los Angeles, CA



Your contribution of AltWaters™ products just changed the lives of the horses we assist, the volunteers who care for them and the children whose lives they touch.  “Doc” was abandoned in the desert after years of neglect and starvation before being brought to AERO.  “Doc” is receiving RegenerationDaily and we are already seeing improvements in his overall life force and appetite.

Solei D., Arizona Equine Rescue Organization



My beloved “Breezy” had been gone since I had had him put to sleep just 15 years after adopting him and his sister, “Easy”, from the Humane Society in Phoenix.  “Breezy” and “Easy” were twin brown tabbies...never separated, brought home by us when they were six weeks old. 

But “Breezy” had been put to sleep nine months earlier and I just couldn’t stand another day without him  Easy was also grieving and lonely, crying in the night, which she had never done before.  We both missed “Breezy” so much. His leaving left a hole—a big hole--in our lives.

Then Carol said casually, “Of course, you know, “Breezy” is coming back.” I thought my heart would burst with joy...“Breezy” will come back as a full-grown cat.”  I had read about “walk-in’s” with people.  Why not cats?  The day I brought the new cat, the tuxedo named “Tango”, home, “Easy” came in, peered into his carrier, and just stared a while, then walked off.  No hissing whatsoever. 

Every day “Breezy”/”Tango” is behaving more and more like my old “Breezy”.  The same old habits and ways of doing things. For instance, he kisses me when I demand, “Kiss, kiss,” but only once a day (as did the old “Breezy”—“Don’t get greedy, Ma.”).  Once a day he cleans up all the dry food nuggets I have  tossed for his play and he is ever ready for a game.  He even comes when I call, which I have never had a cat other than my old “Breezy” do.   “Breezy” has come back.  Welcome back, little “Breezy.” 

Barbara G., Sun City West, AZ 


I run a small non-profit animal rescue group in Florida.  At any give time approximately 30 dogs are in my care.  Most are picked up as strays; others are removed by the police due to cruelty charges. 

All are terribly neglected and/or abused, frail and tired.  They are put on a healthy diet and get all the medical attention they need to heal and get healthy enough to be adopted to new loving-forever homes.

There are, however, several cases where traditional school veterinarian medicine does not seem to help or the animal’s rundown systems cannot tolerate the chemicals.

I was fortunate enough to be able to try the formulas on the dogs.  Several cases have show remarkable results.  Most significant was the case with “Jing”, a senior, female Pekingese.  She woke up one morning totally paralyzed in her legs. I immediately gave her 5 half-droppers of Emergency and 5 half-droppers of WellPet.  I then rushed her to my vet who told me the situation was very grave and there probably was a tumor or disc problem, both difficult to correct or operate on.  The dog was paralyzed and struggling so he prepared me to have to make a difficult decision.  He kept her over night to observe her and to do x-rays next morning.  To his big surprise, the dog was up running (!) around the following morning, x-rays showed no tumors or slipped discs.  I took her back to my shelter, continuing to give her formulas as directed by Carol and she has been in wonderful shape ever since.

Others that have benefit from the formulas are dogs with severe and reoccurring yeast infections, nerve damages and aggression.

I am so excited to be working with AltWaters wonderful formulas which they donated to us.  I am amazed by the wonderful effect they have on the dogs and how immediately the improvement occurs. 

Mona, Fort Lauderdale, FL 


I have Poodles, and time and again they have been helped by the formulas. My Toy Poodle, C.C. would be on an expensive and monthly shot regimen for skin allergies except for the AltWaters™ products. My Standard, Ras, could have died … he was sick, but the vets, and there were several, could not find the cause. They were on the verge of stomach surgery just to see what they could see, and in the meantime, I started giving him heavy doses of RegenerationDaily and MicroEnhancer. There was a miraculous recovery. Two months later when the same symptoms started again, another vet was able to see a “very rare, difficult to detect” worm. He was treated, and has been fine since … over a year ago. During treatment, which was difficult, I continued the RegenerationDaily and MicroEnhancer.

Linda T. Parker, Vicksburg, MS



I have two darling dogs that are my babies in fur. “Listo” an active neutered 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier and “Xena” is my beautiful spaded lapdog age 3 ½ of Chihuahua/Papillion heritage. “Xena” had not been very active the last year and slept all the time. I did everything at a holistic level. It didn’t seem to help her much.

“Xena” was a parvovirus survivor (2000) and after she was cured and vaccinated at the age of five months, she just never seemed to have very much energy; she still slept a lot. I suspected toxicity from insecticide spraying or tick fever.

“Listo” was luckier. He had to only use the WellPet formula which was for prevention and maintenance. In the first few days he expelled a few worms and toxins out of his system.  After that he has been in super wellness and his behavior has changed 180 degrees.

After using the formulas for a couple months my little “Xena’s” health returned; she is very active and plays with “Listo”. I keep my dogs on a maintenance plan so they can keep their excellent wellness. 

Leslie W., Phoenix, AZ




Jasper – a young beautiful cocker boy, he was so skinny and was drooling profusely.  Every morning his whole chest, both front legs and the floor in his room was covered in his foamy drool. This made him “unadoptable” and I tried “everything”, my vet put him on different medications but nothing helped. So then I called you and you picked up that he had a poisoning in his body.  So he went on the Emergency formula.  Nothing seemed to while on the cure – then 2-3 weeks after I had stopped giving it to him- he suddenly stopped drooling- he is completely dry every day the whole day and he has gained and looks wonderful.  Amazing-my volunteers can’t believe it is the same dog!  Just Ron knows and understands.

Mia T., Tuscon, AZ


In early June, 2001 my dog had an encounter with several huge “Sonoran desert toads,” They are deadly poisonous to dogs. When the dogs lick the backs of the toads, a white poison is secreted which is more deadly than rattlesnake bite. (I have no idea why dogs lick these huge deadly creatures!) There is no antidote and a veterinarian can do nothing to aid your pet. It affects their nervous systems almost instantly.

I saw the toads, thought of my dog and three minutes later turned around and saw “Tasha” on her knees, literally dying. I grabbed a hose and washed out her mouth, then carried her (52+ pounds) into the house and called Carol Keppler.

Carol’s instructions were to use the Emergency plus WellPet formulas down her throat every 5 minutes for an hour. The dog was 2/3 dead, but after that hour’s dosage she began to miraculously revive – even to stand up and move around. She was somewhat weak for another day or so, but soon running around like a puppy! It was astonishing and wonderful to see the life-restoring, literally, properties of the AltWaters™ formulas assist a pet who was dying. (addendum:iIt was due to poisoning). Thank you Carol!

Mia T., Tuscon, AZ


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