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We're always working with our fur babies to keep them healthy, but there comes a time when we know we have to let them go...

Healthy pets like healthy people, transition “naturally”— easily, quickly and beautifully. We stopped putting our pets down when we learned how to keep them healthy!

I had a rescue Pom, a beautiful sable ball of fluff that I got when she was 13. I had her for 6 years before she was ready to let go of her healthy body. At 19, walks tired her so I carried her for those 30 minutes each day. Glad she wasn’t a Lab!. Neither was she much interested in food. Slept a lot. No ‘play’ left in her.

Then we had to help her to go outside “potty”. And one evening I could tell that the end was near. She was in her doggie bed cuddled into my old bath robe (with my scent on it), and sitting on the floor beside her I talked her through, “Good job LilBit— you’re doing a good job! Wait ‘til you get to doggie Heaven— you’ll love it there”!— all the while stroking her beautiful fur.

During those last minutes (probably more like 1½ hours), I put 5 half-droppers of Transitions in her mouth then 1 half-dropper as I felt she needed it— intuited.

I could have used NoPain/NoItch the same way but she had been healthy— no issues, and I got she wasn’t in pain. This was just a transition as normal for her as her birth had been.

When her breathing stopped I wrapped her up in the bathrobe and we buried her in the special place under the pine tree in our back yard.

LilBit had a good life this time around and I had heard that when bonded, animals have a fast “turnaround”. I really liked that. Eight years later, I got her back in Rascal, a feral kitty, a boy. This time around who with the help of WellPet, turned out to be hyper-playful, a real lover...just like LilBit.

By the way, Transitions can be used by people too, same dosage. I was okay with her going though— it was her time and we both knew it. 

Loss of a pet/Transitions...

Ruffles, our little Schnauzer girl, had been with us since she was a puppy and was Warren’s pride and joy. Ruffles made her transition to Doggie Heaven at the ripe old age of 15 (105 “people” years). As you might have guessed, she was extremely healthy. She had been sleeping a lot, four days a week while she was here at the Center. Her voracious appetite was as hardy as ever until Thursday when she refused even water. We used the Transitions formula, putting it in her mouth many times over the last two days while she slept.

I called our Animal Communicator Friday to tell her that Ruffles seemed comfortable and in no pain (intuited). She told me Ruffles was in “bliss” with her whole family there caring for her. Ruff made her transition during that night— in her sleep. No vets, no shots, and Buddy, our 5-year old (rescued) Schnauzer boy lying beside her licking her face for hours on end.

We were glad that Ruffles was so healthy and the process of leaving went as it was designed— fast and easy. Transitions helped the rest of us, too, including Buddy who is staying close to Warren, sleeping over his big shoes as he watches TV at night, just like Ruffles always did— looks like her Spirit decided to stay…

Carol Keppler, Scottsdale, AZ



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