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Altwaters Technology

Our Vision

At AltWaters™ Technology our mission and values are to provide the best research and most effective tools to provide a baseline of radiant health for all life.

Carol’s Promise

To use my God-given intuitive gifts to create safe and easy to use energy medicine systems at affordable prices to assist the body in self-repair no matter how complex the health challenge.

Dreaming The Future Into Reality

It had been 60 years since I graduated from a small teacher’s college in western New York, New York State University at Geneseo. It was 1955 and I was excited. I’d always dreamed of teaching — I had lots of practice what with a younger brother, neighborhood friends, dolls and cats, and later as a Sunday school helper and camp counselor.

Finally! I now had my first real teaching position in a "neighborhood school" in suburban Rochester, New York. Four years later, as a stay-at-home-mom with two small children I started my own Neighborhood Nursery School in our basement — it was a "natural".

Moving our school-age family from New York to Arizona was an adventure that culminated in the opening of a private kindergarten, called Creative Center for Early Education with my husband Warren. The school grew along with our children into a "wholistic" school from pre-school through high school. A first for the Phoenix area, and this was before "wholistic" was even in the dictionary.

After our children graduated, the school, which we no longer needed, was sold and I had to find a new outlet for my passion for teaching. You know, old teachers never die, they just find something else to teach.

The new challenge turned out to be my health. I had been diagnosed with what the doctor said were malignant tumors on the uterus. I opted not to do the surgery and instead boldly told the doctor I would do herbs and juicing. I knew very little about that, and only because of my mother’s interest in health over the years.

In 1984, I began my training in herbology, iridology and kinesiology. I was one eager learner, and with this new information on herbs and juicing, I found myself experimenting on myself and my family. I discovered it was true — you can heal yourself! It took just twenty-six days of juice fasting plus five more months of 90 herbs a day for the two huge tumors and hemorrhaging to clear. And I was hooked, something new to teach!

It was 1986 when we developed the Body Chart System to help us keep track of our clients’ programs and progress. Along the way I was noticing that I knew things I didn’t actually "know". When a client brought me a tape by Dr. Carolyn Myss, I was only three minutes into the tape when I heard her say she was a medical intuitive. I then knew the work I was doing must be that of intuitive health and healing, too. Ever since, as I’ve shared this concept, I’ve been fascinated by the intuitive ability I was picking up in others. I could tell it only needed some "tweaking" to make it usable, so I began teaching the intuitive process.

It wasn't too many years before we discovered the research on structured water. We began sending our herbal formulas to be programmed into this unique water-with-a-memory. The water formulas, we soon learned, were so new to this country that there was no language yet to describe them. Very fortunately, Dr. Richard Gerber’s first book,Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves had all the answers I needed (and then some!).  I actually wore out two copies trying to understand what turned out to be quantum physics based. My Bachelor of Science in Education had never prepared me for this.

In those next twelve years, the intuition really kicked in and a system was developed for deep cellular cleansing. A AltWaters™ System for electric overload using our non-toxic, water-based subtle frequency formulas. This is preventive medicine at it's very best, a fast and easy system for cellular self-repair.  As we see the results, we are marveling at what could easily be the medicine of the future.  No more cut, burn and poison. Harm-free, water-based "medicine" could be what the world has been waiting for.



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