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Altwaters Technology

Intuited Pet Products

The most important aspect of keeping your pet healthy is a healthy diet. The first thing we reach for is commercial pet food but there's very little in the marketplace that has positive frequencies, and some can actually be toxic. For full details of what may be in your pet's food, you'll want to read the reports we have from an animal activist and also a veterinarian, you will be shocked!

Interesting, in the past year some commercial pet foods have "improved", going from "toxic" (-1) to zero (0) SEU's (Subtle Energy Units), not bad, however containing no nutrition (0). And that's not good.  For pet health (and their people), we aim for a +360 SEU's, the place where cells cleanse and therefore can repair and actually regenerate.

The answer, of course, is to do what so many thinking humans have done, go natural, and not just for safety's sake. For dogs and cats, natural is "raw" and BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet is the best I've found. Designed years ago by Dr. Ian Billinghurst, the raw food diet is just common sense.

Our dog Buddy and two cats maintain peak health on raw organ meats (with bones plus raw vegetables and fruit for the dog). AltWaters™ WellPet and natural kibbles (for dogs and cats) fill in.  Their health, on a scale of 1 to 10 is tops.

Remember, you don't have to buy fancy pre-packaged frozen. Raw organ meats are cheaper and usually can be ordered through your supermarket meat department.

Be sure to check out the rest of this site for more useful information about our animal companions. Also look for some of the testimonials we have received from clients who have used AltWaters™ WellPet with their pets.

Pet Products intuited on a scale of 10 to 10+++.

Pet Snacks: 

10+++ All Purina products (dogs & cats)

10+  Jerky Strips   Gravy Train

10+  Steak Bones   Gravy Train

10  Kabobs   Hy-Top 1

0  VitaBones Chewy  American Nutrition

10  Dentastix   Pedigree

10  Vita Snacks   American Nutrition

10  Bacon Flavored Strips WinCo Foods

10  BittyBones   Barkery*

10  Lil Lean Strips  Barkery*

*Also found at Dollar Stores

Grain-based Pet Foods 

Off the charts! All Purina dog/cat foods

10+ Newman's Own® (dogs)

 9 Blue® Food Grade dog and cat food (PetSmart)

 3 Canidea® dog food

 1 Science Diet®

 0 Most other dog and cat food (neutral = no nutrition)

Dog Treats

 10++      Jerky Treats                                                  Delmonte Pet

 10            Western Grill (5 varieties)                               Waggin’ Train

 10           Premium Chicken Breast Jerky                         Pet Pride

 10           Pork and Beef Chews                                     Salix

 10           Porkhide Braid                                              Prestige Pet

 10           Beefhide Roll (chicken Flavor)                          Pet Pride

 10           Dentastix                                                    Pedigree

 10           Wag ‘n Wraps                                               Dingo

 10           Munchy Sticks                                               Priority

 10           Munchy Strips                                               Priority

 10           Retriever Rolls                                              Priority

10            Pig ear Strips (all natural)                               Priority

10++       Pig ears (bulk, all natural)                                WinCo 

10           Crunch ‘n Clean                                              Hartz

10           Smoked Pigs Ears                                            Hartz

10           Pig Ear Strips                                                 Uncle Sam’s

10           Super Chews (Beef and Joint Ligaments)              Pet Center Inc.

Cat Treats

Off the charts! All Purina products

10 Friskies

Cat Litter

10+++   TidyCat, natural clay Purina

10++     Premium Pine Trader Joe's

10         High Performance Cat Litter Arm & Hammer

 0          Super Scoop Cat Litter from Arm & Hammer

Most cat litter rates an intuitive 0 = no frequencies so not harmful (if this was cat food, 0 would mean no nutrition and so harmful)

All Purina products rate at least a "10"

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