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Altwaters Technology

Interviews With Carol


This page contains Carol being interviewed on many different shows on many diffierent topics. Sit back and enjoy.

carl.pngCarol Keppler


Carol’s Internet Radio Interview on JAZZ UP YOUR LIFE with JUDY



“REVERSE AGING — why wait until you get old?”

With Carol Keppler, Master Energy Intuitive 

DATE: Monday, November 13th   @ 11am/FREE SHOW

TIME: 1pm-EST/ 12Noon-CST/ 11am-MST-AZ /10am-PST 

We invite you to enjoy a 10-minute Meditation before the show


Via Phone:  (425) 440-5100   ID: 780013#

Via Web:

For a Replay!

 We encourage you to go directly to JAZZ UP YOUR LIFE with JUDY’s website, at to sign up for her email/newsletters filled with exciting and educational information! You can also receive emailed instructions for accessing her radio shows.

Targeting “Sensitives” who want to be on the cutting edge of the new science of “Youthing” — and an exciting adventure into a whole/completely new world of reverse aging…

“Get smart and begin Reverse Aging now (faster and easier now than later!)

Who? You! Who better to learn the secrets of Youthing than you who can model it for others to see and want to learn? Spread the word of this new Science of Youthing.

Why? Why not? We’re in this Life for the long haul and someone has to prove that it’s not necessary for us to die-by-the-inch. Better to live our lives to the fullest as we discover our Soul’s Purpose — our reason for being here!

When? No better time than now! No need to waste one more precious year of our lives looking for answers to body breakdown that the medical world can’t find so they end up just treating the symptoms rather than the “root cause”.

How? If you can drink one quart of pure water with drops of the world’s original, all-natural deep cellular cleanse over the next 12-weeks, you are almost there. The missing piece is almost always the “grief and pain” of unforgiveness.

Where? In your own home located anywhere on the Planet. You can order the original AltWatersTM System and begin de-aging with your first sip of this life-giving water.

Patty Malek of SoulTalk Radio

How to to increase your cellular vibrational capacity to the levels needed for “radical wellness”
Carol will be giving Energy Intuitive assessments

The hyper- and ultra-sensitive can be cleared with natural therapies that address deep cellular cleansing. The AltWaters System is one such therapy. Carol Keppler is the founder of AltWaters System.

When Carol was diagnosed in 1983 at the age of 50 with a serious health condition, she chose to follow an alternative path to wellness. During her healing process, Carol discovered that she was able to intuit what others needed to support their health and well-being. The first program she designed combined diet with herbs and multiple supplements. Over time, she began to identify the body’s health potential in terms of frequencies or “subtle energy units”, a more scientific way of looking at the process of cellular repair.

This led us to the investigation of new technologies and the discovery of a method for transferring the frequencies of Carol’s innate knowledge into water. Finally, there was an easy, inexpensive way for people to increase their cellular vibrational capacity to the levels needed for “radical wellness”.

The result was the creation of subtle energy formulas for deep cellular cleansing, the AltWaters™ System. Those who use the AltWaterTM products report an amazing increase in health & wholeness, not to mention a noticeable reversal of the aging process! And all because of the cleansing of the body at the cellular level.

Click to Listen to the interview with Patty Malek of SoulTalk Radio



This page contains Carol being interviewed on many different shows on many diffierent topics.  

Sit back and enjoy.

 Carol is interviewed by Jeanne Pete on Better Living NewsTalk Radio half hour segments below.


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