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Heart Tachycardias (Diagnosed)

"This is my story, since I was a little girl I had tachycardias, nobody can help me because, Doctors do not know what is causing the arrhythmias, I pay many studies of the heart very expensive and risky, But all results were unconclusive, so they still don't know the cause of the arrhythmias. The tachycardias were growing stronger, and I was desperate and distraught, however I had the blessing of God and I had the pleasure to meet (Carol) and just with one call and the simple AltWaters™ System of drinking water with the right frequencies to eliminate pollution and electric. Now I'm healthy and I don´t have tachycardia, thank you for all your help!!!!!

Additionally my children do wonderful with the QuantumForce SinglesLine formula, and are very healthy and have grown and gained weight, My whole family has benefited from all products from AltWaters™, thanks for your help.

Your way of healing is wonderful, no boundaries, and that although I live in Mexico, no matter the distance, thanks again Carol and Kim."

- Martha M. Del Alvaro Oberagon, Mexico

Severe Angina

"When I had severe angina, it threw me right out of bed at 3am. The cardiologist that gave me the angioplasty said that the plaque in my arteries was as hard as the countertop in his kitchen. Two pieces of plaque had broken off, one large and one small. After 5 ½ hours of plunging angioplasty, they were able to dissolve the one large piece.

After angioplasty, I couldn’t walk 100 yards downhill without getting angina. I then went to chelation which allowed me to get exercise pretty quickly but the angina came back to me.

After following the AltWaters™ Program and Carol’s advice after the program, I’m healthy! Thank you so much!

Enclosed is a copy of my recent “Ultrasound Screening Results” to back up IHI’s good work. I’m really thankful to have avoided open heart surgery and all that trauma. Ultrasound shows me plaque free!
Best regards and sincere thanks,"

- Dale J., Las Vegas, NV

Deadly Nerve Toxin 

"When I came to Carol Keppler saying I was in bad shape would have been a gross understatement. I was exposed to a deadly nerve toxin 8 months earlier that nearly destroyed my nervous system. It most severely affected the nerves that control heart function, producing a dangerous heart arrhythmia. For the previous four months I would wake up all night long with my heart rate climbing to over 160 beats per minute, in fact so fast I couldn’t measure it.

I began to suffer mental problems from chronic sleep deprivation. I would have spells not unlike that of someone with Cerebral Palsy, where I would have to sit down for an hour while my arms and legs would shake uncontrollably. My stomach was always in pain from too large stomach ulcers I acquired, probably from the stress of all of this.

I went to my local doctor who offered no help whatsoever. The Arizona Heart Institute diagnosed my condition as SVT (super ventricular tachycardia), a fancy word for super fast heart rate and my cardiologist gave me a bag full of pills as his ‘solution’ and said good luck. I also tried many other time-tested avenues of healing that once worked for me like herbology, but alas even these failed in every case to help me even one iota.

I completed the AltWaters™ Expanded System and began to notice gradual improvement though it was still a rocky ride of getting better and then relapsing. Now, after completing the program my life is a world of difference improved from that just a year ago. I now enjoy almost normal days where every once in a while my heart will skip a beat and my worst problem is some heavy heart rate.

But my heart trouble is only 10 percent of what it used to be and at least I can get enough cumulative sleep to function in the daytime. I now have many more days than not where I can work 15 hours a day and never feel tired. The stomach ulcers are gone and so is virtually all of the nerve pain. As for the bag full of pills from the Heart Institute – they still sit, to this day, on a shelf unused.

My mental attitude is markedly better. This program is truly a gift from God and I give my eternal gratitude, especially to Carol for putting it there in the physical universe when I needed it most."

- Jim P. Phoenix, AZ

Diagnosis of Pericarditis

"I have been on medical leave since 4/30 with a diagnosis of pericarditis with fluid around the heart. The doctor was evaluating me for lupus. The blood tests have all come back negative. That diagnosis didn’t feel right to me anyway. I’m beginning to think that my illness was meant to lead me to your AltWaters™ Technology, as I probably wouldn’t have tried it otherwise. Day by day for the last week I have begun to feel better. Something at the core of me feels stronger and brighter. My shortness of breath has also lessened."

- Paul H., Kingman, AZ


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