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Altwaters Technology


Over the years we have often been asked if we could “guarantee” wellness. Initially my response was, “Does your doctor guarantee you’ll get well?” But we honestly believe that because this body was divinely designed there is a guarantee that all thinking people can appreciate.

Guaranteed… once the cells are perfectly cleansed, the body’s pH can balance, and given sufficient water, the cells are capable of self-repair, they were so designed!

Question: Given the above, why are there those who don’t regain their health? It has been discovered that there are variables that, unfortunately, can abort the body’s ability to return to homeostasis.

The "10 Deal-Breakers" - that are capable of preventing cellular self-repair/regeneration.

1.  Off Preventive Maintenance

2.  Not drinking daily quart of water 

3.  No Medallion worn (nor sunglasses) to prevent electric overload

4.  Continual usage of medications

5.  Negative/fearful thinking

6.  Disbelief

7.  Forgiveness not completed

8.  Emotional pain/grief

9.  Core beliefs

10. Lacking an attitude of gratitude!

With illness reaching epidemic proportions in our nation, if there is any hope at all, it’s with natural alternatives.  

The AltWaters™ Technology fills a void in medicine, both allopathic and alternative.

Called Bioenergetics (a field in biochemistry that concerns energy flow through living systems).  Although not yet well understood by scientists, bioenergetics has proved itself over more than three decades to be invaluable in helping the human system to quickly and easily reclaim its natural alkaline pH base to support radical wellness.

It has been said that healing is a journey, not a destination.  We strongly believe that not only radical wellness but also longevity are absolutely possible! 

Do medications help the body repair?  The answer is generally no, drugs either mask symptoms making one more comfortable while the body, hopefully, repairs itself, or with a drug, by-passing the organ’s input with consequent organ shutdown.  The downside is that there are no allopathic drugs that are not chemically toxic to the body and therefore acidic to the human system, with multiple side effects. (see The Pill Book or Physician’s Desk Reference)

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