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Altwaters Technology


Loss of Life Force

"The life force was leaving this body, medicine did not help.

Today, I have recovered from all past symptoms, thanks to AltWaters™ Technology.  The guidance, products, and love received have produced miracles in my life and in the life of every person I sent. I have used first their herbal products and then the vibrational medicine. I have gotten incredible results with both! The vibrational medicine is easier to use and is better price (you need less).

Here are some of the symptoms that were healed with these products: • healed in a few days:

•8 years of yeast / Candida… Gone in less than 1 week

•2 years of diarrhea…

•Years on insomnia… Gone

•2 years of arthritis… Gone in less than 1 week

•Memory loss… Gone

•Pain in chest… Gone

•Poor digestion… Gone

•Itchy skin… Gone

•Depression… Gone

•Pain in eyes… Gone

•Fingers and joints inflamed… Gone

•Menopause… symptoms gone in 1 week

I am 54 years old feeling like a 19-year-old. I have never felt this good, this healthy, and this alive!

Whenever new symptoms arise… especially when traveling, I am able to stop them right away (or to prevent them, when I know what I will be facing) with these wonderful products. There is no way I can repay what I have received with this healing. It is priceless!!! The only thing I can do is to share it with everyone I meet.

The whole world need to learn we can heal from anything… if we have an open mind, a desire to live, a love for life and truth… and these wonderful products."

- Shirsha S. Seattle, WA

Chronic Health Problems

"I first met Carol at the Holistic Expo in Phoenix Arizona.

Within moments she was able to assess my general state of well being and health. She then informed me that I had toxic bone marrow. Later that day I had a bone density test done that confirmed Carol’s intuitive reading.

I started on the AltWaters™ System the following month and much to my surprise found it so simple and easy. In a very short period of time, I was able to eliminate some chronic health problems. I also received some physical benefits I had not even anticipated."

- Sally J. Scottsdale, AZ

“Mostly Dead”

"This is a testimony to the merits of the AltWaters™ Technology and two quarts of water per day. I felt it saved my life, as I am sure that I was mostly dead. I have always prided myself on physical and mental health, trying various methods of renown.

Over the years I have had complaints and health issues: eczema, migraine headaches, stomach ulcers, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, high cholesterol and carpal tunnel syndrome. For forty (40) years I searched for solutions and answers through diet and supplementation, yoga, meditation, qi gong, acupuncture, rolfing, macrobiotic diet, remedies, western medicine, psychiatric treatment, self help books and workshops, etc.

Last October, I started with flu symptoms that would increase for the next seven (7) months. I could barely walk, I had severe chest, abdominal, and intestinal pain accompanied by diarrhea for 3 weeks. My strength of body and mind became completely debilitated by early April. I truly felt I was dying.

Finally I put in a call to an internist in Scottsdale and she sent me for blood work. I though of Carol, knowing intuitively she would have the answer. She said due to high electric overload, my heart, gall bladder, stomach, and intestines were inflamed. She said the electric had impacted bone marrow production of red blood cells causing fatigue and digestion problems as well as inflammation throughout the body including the heart.

I started on the Preventive Maintenance program and I felt better in days! In two weeks when I went to my office appointment with the internist I was feeling 50% better. When the doctor read the results of the blood test to me she repeated all that Carol had already told me. The doctor sent me to a “nuclear test” a month after I had begun the drops. All symptoms had dissipated by then and nothing showed up on the tests! All the issues I had been plagued with are also gone, including carpal tunnel!"

- Dana T., Prescott, Arizona

Clean Bill of Health!

"I am writing a letter I have put off for too long. I started your program 3 years ago. I had all sorts of things bothering me then but today I am a completely different person. I go for medical check-ups and get a clean bill of health. I’m 76 years old and this is the best I have felt for years. My biggest problem is what I call “man-made" because I have both knees replaced and any pain or discomfort I experience is with them."

- Lavima R. Vernon, BC



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