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Altwaters Technology



Pet Productson an intuited scale


The most important aspect of keeping your pet healthy is a healthy diet. The first thing we reach for is commercial pet food but there’s very little in the marketplace that has positive frequencies – some can actually be toxic. For full details of what may be in your pet’s food, you’ll want to read the reports we have from an animal activist and also a veterinarian – you will be shocked!


Interesting. In the past year some commercial pet foods have “improved”, going from “toxic” (-1) to zero (“0”) — not actually “bad”, however containing no (zero) nutrition. And that’s definitely not good.


The answer, of course, is to do what so many thinking humans have done – go natural, and not just for safety’s sake. For dogs and cats, natural is “raw”. And for dogs, BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet is the best I’ve found. Designed years ago by Dr. Ian Billinghurst, the raw food diet is just common sense for both people and pets.


Our two dogs maintain peak health on raw organ meats (favorite – beef heart / kidneys) and uncookedbones (cooked bones splinter = dangerous) plus raw vegetables and even fruit. WellPet, the AltWaters™ formula not only gives your pet top nutrition, but takes care of almost every imaginable pet ill.


Remember, you don’t have to buy fancy pre-packaged or frozen pet food. Raw organ meats are cheaper and usually can be ordered through your supermarket meat department.


Be sure to check out the Pets and Plants for more useful information about our animal companions. Also look for testimonials we have received from clients who have used the AltWaters™ formulas for their pets.




Scale:                   -10                       0                 +10


                            Worst              Not helpful          Best

                                    but not harmful






 Grain-based dog foods




10+++ All Purina products!


10+  Newman’s Own® (dogs)


     0  Blue® Food Grade dog and cat food (PetSmart)


     3  Canidea® dog food


     1  Science Diet®


     0  Most other dog (and cat) food neutral / no nutrition






Dog Treats




10+++ Any treats by Purina                                            Purina


10+++ Doggie Paws                                                        Blue Dog Bakery


10+    VitaBone Chewy                                                      American Nutrition


10+    Milos Kitchen                                                          Milos Kitchen


10+    Snausages in a Blanket                                             Big Heart Pet Brands


10+    Gravy Train                                                            Big Heart Pet Brands


10      Jerky Treats                                                            Delmonte Pet


10      Dog Treats                                                             Winco Foods (Winco Markets)


10      Western Grill                                                          Waggin’ Train


10      Meaty Treats                                                           Sunshine Mills


10      Premium Chicken Breast Jerky                                  Pet Pride


10      Canine Carry outs                                                    Big Heart Pet Brands


10      DogsWell                                                                DogsWell


10      Barkery                                                                  Sergeants Pet Care


 9       Pork and Beef Chews                                               Salix


 9       Dentistix                                                                Pedigree


 9       Wag ‘n Wraps                                                         Dingo


 9       Munchy Sticks                                                         Priority


 9       Retriever Rolls                                                        Priority


 0       Super Chews (Beef and Joint Ligaments)                    Pet Center Inc.


 0       Booda Bone                                                            Aspen Pet Products


 0       Porkhide Braid                                                        Prestige Pet


 0       Beefhide Roll (chicken flavor)                                    Pet Pride


 0       Pig Ear Strips (all natural)                                        Priority


 0       Smoked Pigs Ears                                                    Hartz


 0       Nylabone                                                                PetMountain


 0       Nylabone Chew’n Floss                                            PetMountain


 0       Nylabone Healthy Edibles                                         PetMountain



Cat Treats


10+++   All Purina labeled products                                 Purina


10      Meow Mix                                                               Big Heart Pet Brands


10      Indoor Adventures                                                  (Friskies) Purina




Cat Litter


   10   High Performance Cat Litter Arm & Hammer®


     0   Super Scoop Cat Litter Arm & Hammer®


+10   Natural Clay Arm & Hammer®




Most cat litter rates and intuitive “0” — no frequencies so not “harmful” (if this was cat food, “0” would mean “no nutrition”, so very harmful).


note: If your animal shows signs of allergic reactions and / or is on a special diet,

consider a consultation with an Energy Intuitive to clear that issue.



Psycho Kitty?    

Searching for  a 

AltWaters™ WellPet
....your Vet-in-a-bottle

Buy 2, get one free


Use as Preventive Maintenance: for your forever health animals!


A True Story

An elder kitty had balance problems. The owner spent $5000 to remove a brain tumor and $1000 on herbs. Kitty still had problems.


Solved in just 7 days with AltWaters™ "WellPet".

All-natural (water-based!) formula

Use directly in mouth: 5 half-droppers (2x day) for 7 days only.

Cost: $30 





A healthy pet is a happy pet...

and a happy owner! 

Doesn’t it seem strange our animals are getting the same diseases that once only plagued human beings? Cancer cases among pets have grown along with amputations and all too often unnecessary trauma. As of late, it’s allergies and diabetes with animals on drugs for years, just like people.

Only recently did we discover something we found fascinating.  The AltWaters™ formulas designed with super subtle frequencies (in order to help people who have super-sensitive constitutions) are also better attuned to the frequencies of pets. And plants! The AltWaters™ products work more effectively ▬ and much faster because they are less subtle.

We find that when people are health oriented they want their animals to have natural wellness programs, too. These AltWaters™ Formulas can be used with any animal no matter what breed, size or age, and even if multiple vets have given up!



For all animals, no matter what breed

age or size

General directions for all animals:  

Use in mouth or on a small amount of food you know the animal will eat.

For birds & reptiles -small amount in their water.


WellPet:  Use 5 half-droppers (2x day) for 3-7 days. For preventive maintenance

                        use 2 h.d. (1X week)

acute or chronic conditions

serious issues due to physical, mental or emotional trauma

extreme poisons/medications


health maintenance


● emotional issues

More formulas for animals in need

Emergency:  Use 5 h.d. (2x) for 1-3 days.

To save a life, use immediately!  1 half-dropper in mouth every 5 minutes for the first hour, then 5 h.d. every 4 hours as needed.

  •  for most serious cases/injuries
  •  abuse
  •  emotional trauma/body trauma
  •  failure to thrive
  •  near death 

InTheZone:  Use 5 h.d. (2x) for 3-7 days.

socialization issues

personality disorders


StressLess:  Use 5 h.d. (2x) for 3-7 days,

                      then 1-2 h.d. daily as needed

        ● pain both chronic/acute.

         ●   itching and scratching 

NoPain/NoItch: Use 5 h.d. (2x) for 3-7 days, 

                           or as needed.

  •     pain both chronic/acute.
  •      itching and scratching
  •      body trauma/abuse 

Buggz Use 5 h.d. (2x) for 7 days by mouth, also spritz on and rub into skin.

  •  bug deterrent— does not kill bugs, but deters them from living on the host

              Also use insect traps at source (by Raid)

 —             Plug-in insect repellers - one per room

              (Home Depot, Wal-Mart) 

Transitions:  Use 1 h.d. (1x day) for elder pets...near death? -5 h.d. (2-4x/day) for ill pet, 1 h.d. every hour by mouth.         

Other amazing products for your pets by AltWaters™

  • Braveheart                            
  • DeToxIt
  • EyesPlus
  • Hair
  • Inflammation
  • IntheZone
  • JustSkin
  • Teeth                            

To keep your plants healthy too!! - WellPlant!

 For Extra Help

  • Pet Consult with Carol Keppler
  • $45 (15 min)