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Altwaters Technology


"Flipping the switch”

"Hi Carol:

I wanted to share a recent shift in my awareness with you after drinking the water regarding "flipping the switch".

As you know my family and I have been using the water for the past three and a half years and we have experienced wonderful benefits in our overall health. Recently however as I was drinking the water I experienced a notable shift in my perception as if almost a switch was turned on. Here are a few of the things that happened and have been with me ever since:

I felt a clearing of negative mental chatter as if almost a cloud was removed from my thinking and shifting my perception of the world around me including a feeling of peace and serenity. I now have been better able to embrace a more positive mindset. I also experienced an increase in confidence with a freedom to finally be me and no longer feel the need to "people please" which has somewhat stifled my growth all these years. The shift also included the feeling of not being "stuck" anymore. It seems as if a door has been open allowing me to step into a place to finally pursue my purpose. I thank you for all your diligent and heart felt work involved in the pursuit of health including the spiritual, physical and mental all of which are a part of every person and necessary for freedom to be who we were divinely designed to be."
- Suzanne F. Manalapan, N.J.

Regained Energy

Just wanted to let you know that since you put in the frequencies in that I needed, I find that my unresolved issues with energy have completely cleared. Since I have cleared those and corrected the brain frequency, I am able to maintain on one half-dropper of MicroEnhancer rather than two and I don’t seem to “slip back” to my old pattern of d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g myself out of bed in the morning. It’s a much better feeling!!
Thanks again,
- Valerie B. Phoenix, AZ

Cleared Kundalini 

“Have been meaning to write for ages. You gave me AltWaters™ formulas to clear Kundalini energy in my boyfriend several months ago. He agreed to take it after reading information. He stated that he didn’t feel any different but definately noticed a difference in his sleeping (he wasn’t awake half the night!) while we were away on vacation.”
- Valerie B. Phoenix, AZ

Low Energy/Migraines

"It had been several years since I felt energy for any great length of time. This wasn’t even realized until I really started feeling well. Most of my energy was used to accomplish only what I had to do, using any leftover time from the day to “rest”, only to generate more energy. I needed almost more hours of sleep in one day that one day contains.

Additionally, I suffered from migraine headaches that also drained any remaining energy I did have. I thank carol for the support and valuable information I needed to begin my path to getting well and staying well using the necessary Altwaters™ System and Preventive Maintenance."
- Elaine H. Phoenix, AZ

Remarkable Stamina

"I completed the AltWaters System in November. I Feel much, much better—much more energy. I just starred in a stage performance—10 performances—stamina was remarkable for me—memory of lines is much easier than a year ago."
- Arlene, R.

Coffee Addiction Gone

"Major addiction to coffee where it no longer gave me a lift, (tried guarana, ephedra but to strong for me) coffee since beginning program. I have cheated with coffee and it made me spiral down immediately and get very tired and didn’t taste as good.

White dots in nails my entire life...almost gone.

Went for the sugar high for years till I spoke to a nutritionist but still didn’t curb my night time binging because I needed energy to stay up and finish my work. Always been fitness conscious, swam 2 miles several times a week for 18 years and when not swimming walked 4 ½ miles or lifted weights for 1 ½ hours.
Tired no energy really had to push myself and used every means like Metabolife, Energy Now, GH3 shots that I gave myself, never got much sleep and always needed much more.
Finally my natural energy is resurfacing like when I was a little girl. I remember exactly what it felt like and it is coming back. It feels a little like butterflies in the stomach.

I had burned out my adrenals and was on borrowed energy and it was a matter of time before I burned out literally."
- Sandi B., Scottsdale, AZ


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