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Altwaters Technology


Breast Cancer (Diagnosed)

"I am 68 years old and I have experienced debilitating dizzy spells for the past 40 years.  They would keep me in bed for 24 to 48 hours, hardly able to lift my head off the pillow.  Afterward, I would feel ill and hardly able to function for 4 to 5 days.  This would happen at least 6 times every year.   After seeing many physicians and undergoing test after test throughout the years, I was never given an explanation and no diagnosis was ever made.   I was told that I just had to live with it.

In 1999 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and again in 2001.   I underwent surgery and radiation each time.  In July 2001 I collapsed due to what was called a "physical breakdown."  I was admitted to the hospital after being brought in through emergency and had every kind of test including an MRI.   Every result was "normal," again, no diagnosis could be made.

Shortly thereafter I resigned my job since I was unable to function.   The feeling of being "sick" was always present.  I literally felt I was slowly dying and there was nothing I could do about it.

In June 2003 I was introduced to the AltWaters™  Technology.  I had a EnergyScan™  done by Carol and started on the program.     I have completed the System and am feeling wonderful.    I have not experienced any of the "old" symptoms and I have more energy than I have had in years.   It is a joy to wake up every morning and KNOW that I have good health with energy to do whatever I want to do and that it will be a GREAT DAY!"

- Florence N., Scottsdale, AZ


"After just having finished using your FourStep System, I have placed my order for the on-going Preventive Maintenance so I can keep enjoying the benefits that your product has brought me.

After discovering that I had breast cancer and would require chemotherapy and radiation treatments, a co-worker gave me the water system, which I began using the day after I started chemo. I was able to work full-time throughout all of my treatments and felt considerably better than I feared I would. I can't help but know that the water was a significant factor in my stability and immunity throughout. Now that my treatments are finished and I have continued with the water, I feel healthier than ever and am committed to the Preventive Maintenance every day. Thank you for your vision of better health care - I am healthier for it."

- Donna M., Calgary, AB


Doctor's Report-Cancer (diagnosed)

Medical report:

"S., KATHLEEN DOB 03-11-1940
HISTORY: Follow up colon cancer diagnosed.

Examinations were obtained with intravenous and oral contrast. There are no significant normal masses or fluid collections. No suspicious adenopathy. The liver parenchyma is homogeneous. The gallbladder is clean. Nothing unusual in the pelvis. No renal or bowel obstruction. Osseous and vascular structures are intact. Lung bases are clear.

The heart, lungs, mediastinum and bony thorax are unremarkable.

Negative CT studies of the abdomen and pelvis.
No active chest disease or metastases.

Thank you for this referral."


Lymphoma Cancer (diagnosed)

"I am a survivor of cancer of the immune system-lymphoma.   My story began 25 years ago. For fifteen years, I didn't know that I had been poisoned with carcinogens in the well water in Maryvale, Az. (near Phoenix).   We had a notice not to drink the water due to high E-coli counts.   Now I realize that poisons were also there. We weren't told so we wouldn't panic and sue the big company that put them there.

The illness began with years of recurring bronchitis and pneumonia - labeled as 'mysterious'.   Eleven years ago I began having recurring meningitis.   At that point I'd had a hard lump in my neck for 4 years that didn't go away with antibiotic treatments.

Six years ago when a routine blood test showed that I needed a blood transfusion (I was half full), I met my cancer doctor.   I also needed antibodies to heal some "end stage" lesions.  She couldn't believe I had lived through what Jackie Kennedy Onasis had died from. She said, "You must know more than many doctors I know". I was emaciated and gray.   The skin tone was from large quantities of colloidal silver, which resolved meningitis multiple times and kept me out of the hospital when I had blood poisoning from a minor scratch. She was mystified why I lived through all the silver colloidal too.

This spring (March, 2001) I was 'stable' and had been in 'remission' for 5 years.   I still needed to go into the hospital every month for antibody infusions (prescribed for the rest of my life at $3,500 a month).   In addition to that I still had to wear a mask indoors and out (for environmental allergies as well as protection from germs that everyone with an immune system lives with daily).   Even with a mask, I needed large quantities of expensive antibiotic and antiviral herbs to prevent infections.   In 2 days without all that protection, I was heading down the same spiral starting with bronchitis.   I still had major depression, horrible, painful Lyme disease (muscle cramps all over my body), and chronic fatigue, numb fingers and toes and great muscle weakness. I was isolated, could barely walk due to heel spurs. I couldn't sleep at night. (I worked 15 years on 1 to 2 hours of sleep until I was completely disabled ten years ago). In fact, the cancer was hidden, not in total remission..'

Then I found AltWaters™ Technology, a company on the Internet ( I met Carol Keppler who designed the AltWaters™ System water-based formulas. She is an amazingly gifted health intuitive, master teacher and humanitarian.

Because of the AltWaters™ program she put together for me, I have now been without a mask and preventative herbs for 3 months.   I dropped antibody infusions 3 weeks ago, and still no bronchitis.   I'm now a day person with 6-7 hours of sleep a night (I needed 10-12 hours a day for the last 10 years).   I forgot my antidepressants 3 months ago depression.

I'm enjoying my creativity again which has been missing from my life for 7 years.   The Lyme disease cramps are nearly gone (one more formula to go), headaches and nausea are gone, heel spurs are gone and numbness gone.   My brain is clearer, I'm no longer isolated, chronic fatigue is not a problem and blood pressure is lower (borderline high for 25 years ... I refused medication).

I'm getting better and better all the time.   I am so appreciative that I'm no longer just here--barely functioning but now I have my life back! I never dreamed that water could reverse the damage of the poisoned water that attacked and weakened my body.

Thanks to the Almighty, thanks to all the good people at AltWaters and thank you, Oprah, for spreading the good news, inspiration and hope for people like me!"

- Janet T., Age 63,  Phoenix, AZ


Colon Cancer (diagnosed)

"I was told I had colon cancer.   I had been having severe stomach cramping and diarrhea on and off for several months.

We went to a highly recommended oncologist, a woman, who promptly started talking at me explaining that I had Duke's C colon cancer.   We went for a second opinion.   Oncologist #2 basically said the same thing as oncologist #1.   I felt I needed to go in another direction, but where to begin.   I decided to start at the top; I started talking to God.   He sent me on an exciting adventure.

My path led me to a Spiritual Response Therapist.   My sister, a nurse, who had worked with cancer patients in the hospital and saw what chemo and radiation did to them, had told me about Carol Keppler as a matter of fact she was doing the AltWaters™ Technology herself..   I flew out to Arizona and started Carol Keppler's program. It was an easy program to follow.   I did the cleansing diet for forty days and forty nights. Carol and her staff were very helpful, answered my questions and calmed my fears.

It has been just about three years since I was told I had colon cancer.   I am still on Carol's water formulas, and the Maintenance program.   I just had all the medical test done again, every test came back just negative for any cancer.

P.S. Everything else works too,  down to the sensitive teeth that I used to use the Sensidyne toothpaste for!"

- K.S., New Jersey


 Breast Cancer Scare

"I came to Carol Keppler because I was concerned about the knots in my breasts, especially my right breast. Besides the knot, there was swelling underneath my right armpit and pain in my right arm. I followed and have completed the AltWaters™ System. My health care provider sent me to endocrinology specialist to evaluate the fluid dispensing from my breast. I had a CAT scan, MRI and many types of blood tests conducted over a month's time. Nothing abnormal was found any my endocrinologist remains puzzled."

- Pat. H., Litchfield Park, AZ


Basil Cell Carcinoma (diagnosed)

"The sequence of medical events with Basil Cell Carcinoma...initially, a red mark appeared on my right ear, which became larger. Dr Patricia Carroll, (a skin specialist), stated my ear needed immediate attention. During the surgery as she started to cut my ear, she stated if she continued my ear would flop down. I decided to stop surgery and seek alternative treatment. She then referred me to another doctor who recommended radiation treatments at Dell Webb Hospital. After 29 radiation treatments they could not continue the treatment."

At this point I started to experience sharp pains.

The daily treatment over the past 5 months with a special liquid has helped and I do not experience any pain. Evidently, this treatment with liquid RegenerationDaily™ has stopped all pain and my ear does not bleed as it had in the past. I must say the future looks promising with the liquid my daughter applies daily.

- H.R.M. (age 96), Sun City, Arizona

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