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"My father who lives in England collapsed with pneumonia and had difficulty recovering to his old self.  He also developed painful arthritis in his hands and couldn't do anything.  He was taking six pills a day from the doctors that were tearing up his insides and he wasn't able to sleep at night.  I sent him two bottles of vibrational medicine.  He gradually decreased the medications, started to sleep well, and within a few weeks he was back to his old self again doing heavy gardening with just a ‘twinge' of pain in his hands and no medications."

- Valerie B., New York, NY


Rheumatoid Arthritis (diagnosed)

"About 1980 the diagnosis arrived via the M.D., "You have R.A., Rheumatoid Arthritis! What's that?"

I wasn't concerned; my inner voice said, "You eat pretty well, and take vitamins.  No worry!"  As years flew by, I found denial didn't work - full-blown pain and crippling hit.  As my body seized up - not just joints, but muscles, ligaments, and tendons - rapid progress caused me to panic.

I tried to allopathic approach; prescriptions for anti-inflammatory and pain reducers caused distress - I doubled over in agony each time I took a pill, even with food.  Blood work showed extreme anemia - with heart arrhythmia a side effect; I was bleeding internally.  The rib cage became involved in the disease progression: with each breath I whimpered.  I knew this wasn't my body's way to heal.  I remembered how, in my 20's my body reacted to aspirin - not good!

Enter a naturopathic doctor who worked with me and, I believe, literally saved my life.  Believe it or not, when I stopped the prescription of anti-inflammatories, the pain reduced about 50%!  I could finally breathe in comfort again.  After about a year the disease outgrew the naturopath's abilities, and I searched numerous avenues for help.  I tried fasting, elimination diets, colonics, chelating therapy, etc., all to no avail.

The condition (as I now refer to R.A.) diagnosis is made by blood tests, measuring Elevated Sedimentation (infection) Rate.  At age 19 this elevated reading existed.  I was given a prescription and told to take it until a rash appeared on my back; it never happened.  My reason for the visit to the doctor was leg pains - he diagnosed allergy to cigarettes, not R.A

Eventually, I was led to AltWaters™Technology and the Lasered Water Formulas.  I understood it necessitated a complete way-of-life change; I was scared.  It's easy to buy into the allopathic approach where a pill treats symptoms, not causes.

AltWaters™Technology treats me with kindness and consideration: my own inner wisdom is honored.  It's been a little over two years, but headway is being made.  After a few weeks on the program, I noticed I was able to place one knee on top of the other - it's been years since that was possible - it hurt too much.  Then I went through what I term the Rice Krispies phase - the joints did their "snap, crackle, pop" thing.  Torqued hip straightened; my neck, which often felt stiff as a board, relaxed; ankles and feet which, before, screamed after only five minutes of standing, now tolerated up to one-half hour - now extended; cupped hands are leveling out; rigid; swollen balls of feet have relaxed and shrunk enough so I can wiggle my toes a little.  What fun!

The path to wellness has been long and arduous.  I believe I wouldn't be alive without AltWaters™Technology - evidently I have things to accomplish.  I bless and thank them for their patience, caring and products.  Slowly improvements manifest - a road to real health."

- Beverly R., Phoenix, AZ

Psoriasis Arthritis (diagnosed)

"I was diagnosed in May of 1993 with Psoriasis Arthritis. I received a shot of cortisone in my left knee and I was put on Prednizone and Methotrexate. In the meantime Dermatologist treated me with PUVA treatments.

From December 1999 thru February 20011 was treated by a homeopathic Doctor. I spend several thousands of dollars with him and felt like a guinea pig.  Over the year I took many different vitamins, had Ozone Sauna treatments, Acupuncture and Acupressure. I had a Colon Reforestation and worked with a biofeedback doctor. Saunas and the injections seem to be making a difference.

December 9, 2000 I started taking Aleve a.m. and p.m. because of pain, itching and crying all the time. Couldn't sleep, pain was intense. It was painful and difficult to walk.

On February 26, 2001 I started the program. It's a 90 day program of preparing your body for healing.

My primary care office called and told me tests revealed I have Osteo pina and a hormone imbalance.

As Carol Keppler kept telling me, most of my healing would take place in Phase IV of the program. That is exactly what happened. My psoriasis began to fade around the end of May. It is now almost all gone. No more flaking, bleeding, burning or pain. I had the psoriasis all across my forehead, around my eyes, on my ear lobes and behind the back of my ears. It's ALL cleared now.

I went to see my rheumatoid doctor today. When he saw how the psoriasis has cleared up, he was impressed but then said it could be in remission.

I have been fighting this battle for 13 years. The ONLY program that has given me the dramatic health improvements I have experienced these past four months."

- Diane W., Phoenix, AZ

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