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Altwaters Technology

The AltWaters™ Process

AltWaters™ Formulas

"Bioenergetics"...evolved water for Life

The Design

The AltWaters™ System was originally designed to cleanse the body at the cellular level. After 30 years of research and development it became increasingly clear that these formulas had gone beyond what was originally envisioned.  Thousands of herbs and other “naturals” programmed into micro-enhanced water ▬ future medicine, today.

We discovered that toxins were being neutralized, not only at the cellular,molecular, atomic and subatomic levels, but on through the “Infinite Energy Field” where miasms of life-threatening toxins and diseases are stored.  The eventual goal is the highest level of wellness and preventive care for the people of Planet Earth.

Using Bioenergetics, the new energy medicine, is simple. By adding droppers of these water-based formulas each day to a quart of pure water and drinking this taste-free mixture, your body reads only the frequencies needed, beginning the neutralizing process, one layer of toxins after another, rather like peeling an onion.

Each of the 9 formulasof the Original AltWaters™ System contains multiple frequencies of herbs and other natural elements are recognized throughout the cleansing process, ever more subtle, and therefore powerful the deeper they go.

The Process of Cleansing 

The object of deep cellular cleansing is to discover the “root cause” of an acidic body, which can be triggered by body and emotional trauma, toxins including med toxicity, everyday chaotic electric overload, as well as the ever so subtle and harmful electro-magnetic radiation of our modern day society. 

With every swallow of these formulas, only the frequencies needed by the body are “read”. This is the job of the protein-mucous membranes of the mouth and esophagus. Once selected, the frequencies are broadcast to every one of the body’s 75 trillion cells, instantly neutralizing negatives. 

Stepping Up the Process

Each step in the process, takes the cleansing to the next level, gradually leading the body through eight cleansing formulas. The final step, Memories reaching into the “Infinite Energy Field"that surrounds the body. Past and Future lifetimes that unbeknownst to most healers can negatively affect ones health in the present ▬ physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  

AltWaters™ Systems were specifically developed to work with the Harmonic Electrical System of the body and beyond that to the Human Electronic System for finer tuning with even more subtle frequencies.  The energetic model which works within the body's natural repair network is known as electro-medicine or electroceuticals.

The Result? 

Radiant health. We call it radical wellness, with Life Force finally unblocked, allowing the cells to do what they were designed to do ▬ self-repair/regenerate..


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