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You’ve tried and everything— and you’re still “sick”

At AltWaters, we’ve been on a 25-year search for the root cause of the symptoms that most health care providers have been treating with “a pill (or herb or homeopathic) for every ill.”

Here are 6 reasons why you may not have gotten well. All have been programmed into the AltWaters formulas— and much more.

  1. CRE staph infection is rampant across America and is worse than either MRSA or C-Diff. “No antibiotic for at least 10 years”, says the Center for Disease Control. (Memory problems? They could be CRE related).

  2. Painful memories can cause a slow drip of acid in the system preventing the alkalinity necessary for full cell repair.

  3. “Chaotic” electric from cell phones, computers, (and computerized cars) etc., have long been causing serious health issues. However, since June 2012 radiation from the new sun’s Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) have compounded the situation. Symptoms are many and varied, the worst being: acidic pH, fatigue, inflamed heart, depression/anxiety and damaged retinas. (Are you wearing a piece of deflectivetherapeutic jewelry? UVB – UVMAX sunglasses?)

  4. Cell dehydration— not enough “free” water (no flavor) as well as scarred cell membranes prevent water from getting into your 75 trillion tiny battery-like cells. No water. No repair.

  5. Unforgiveness and negative Core Beliefs may be keeping you from experiencing wellness (online at:

  6. Will-to-get-well is weak. The power of the mind can heal or kill. It’s always your choice.

We can help…

Two decades of learning how to help you find the answers to your health is­sues through bioenergetics brings you the Planets first  "System" of true preventive medicine

It's Easy… drink a daily quart of frequency water
It's Fast… only 5-weeks
All-natural… water-based formulas (no pills!)
Effective… because your body is self-diagnosing

America once was the healthiest nation in the world.  In the early 1900's we were #1, the top spot according to the World Health Organization.  In 2011 the US was ranked #12 of 13 industrialized nations.  Why?  Because we wait to treat disease until after it is diagnosed.


Poor Life-style choices have compromised our once-strong constitutions.

    • Stress of a multi-task life
    • Fast foods with no nutrition
    • Mal-illumination no time for the healing effects of the sun- without glasses/contacts!
    • Accumulated toxins— ingested, inhaled, absorbed and injected
    • Accumulated electromagnetic radiation is short-circuiting the body
    • Exercise to move the lymph system, the sewer of the body
    • Insufficient pure water


A quick-fix of medications is no fix at all.   Western medicine has failed to discover the “root cause” of illness, depending on drugs (all chemicals and all toxic), to mask the symptoms.  Natural alternatives such as herbs and homeopathics often take years to be effective.

If you've tried everything and still see minimal results, perhaps you need a second opinion.  Master Energy Intuitive, Carol Keppler and those she has trained may be able to give you the answers for which you’ve been searching.

    • Intuited EnergyScans™/Consultation worldwide   $85 (50 min) ($15 written report)
    • Consultation plus suggested course of action    $45 (15 min)
    • AltWaters FourStep System for Electric Overload     $409
    • Family discount for second System on same order    $100


Once the root cause of your health issues is found, how do you know what products to use?  Simple!   Thousands of people over nearly 3 decades have used the unique AltWaters System for deep cellular cleansing.

It’s helpful to know what others have said who have been through the AltWaters System so take a few minutes to check out Clients Sharing

Got a beloved pet that may benefit from these water-based alternatives?

    • PetScan™ for complex issues   $70 (30 min)
    • Pet Consult with suggestions    $45 (15 min)

SinglesLine is available for those with no serious health issues— 34 stand-alone products.  $40 (buy 2 get one free)

Education oriented?  If bioenergetics/energy medicine is a new concept for you, check out Carol’s articles in the 

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